Venus Steel Products Systems

Ladder Cable Tray

Ladder Cable Tray that we offer is a reliable commercial solution to steering and supporting cables. Ladder Cable Tray is the Cable Tray in solid trough form trays and is used to support power and control cable. The Ladder Cable Tray guards the cable from deterioration, seepage & damage.

Benefits Of Ladder Cable Tray :
  • Augmented safety level
  • Less strain on cables throughout installation and operation
  • Smaller conductors against conduit are used for Full free air rating of cables
  • With the suppleness of modifying circuits it provides simplified maintenance

Specialties :
  • Width from 150mm to 1500mm
  • Height from 50mm to 150mm
  • Thickness from 10 SWG to 16 SWG
  • Bending from 10mm to 25mm
  • Width from 30mm to 50mm
  • Height from 10mm to 25mm